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Mission SPLS (Stichting Protestants Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol)

SPLS, the Foundation of the Protestant Airport Chaplaincy at Schiphol, offers pastoral and diaconal support, based on a Protestant Christian identity, to passengers and staff at Schiphol Airport. It is for this purpose that a pastor is assigned, who, jointly with two pastors from different Christian backgrounds, give the Airport Chaplaincy an ecumenical identity. The airport pastors will assist any individual in need of support, regardless of religion or personal belief. This is based on the Christian values of respect, dialogue, reliability and compassion.

Airport Chaplaincy Services

The Airport Chaplaincy is predominantly called upon when people are in visible distress in which case the Airlines, the Royal Military Police, Information Desks, Medical Services and Emergency Centres, generally involve the Airport Chaplaincy as a normal course of routine.


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The primary objectives of the Airport Pastors are: 

  • Assistance and Support to passengers and staff in case of bereavement or other crisis;
  • Support and advice to stranded passengers;
  • Support Medical Services in special cases;
  • Assist refugees with practical matters (a bed for the night, food and referrals to relevant authorities);
  • Visiting people in temporary custody;
  • Assisting Airport Staff with the relief of victims in case of a disaster;
  • Selecting, recruiting and managing volunteers who assist passengers and manage the Meditation Center;
  • When necessary, support airport staff.