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Contact Airportchaplaincy

OCC 6215


 Several channels can be used to contact the Airport Chaplaincy when there is a need for assistance due to spiritual or emotional distress. An important part of the Pastor’s job is to maintain good working contacts with the different services across the entire airport. Such as the Information Desks, Telephone Information services, the Royal Military Police, Airline Desk staff, Customs, Security and so on. A high number of various requests for assistance from the Airline Chaplaincy comes through these channels.

How can you reach us?

Mail address:
Stichting Protestants Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol
Vertrekpassage 1 - unit 219
1118 AP Schiphol
The Netherlands

To contact Pastor Meiring or one of the other pastors, you can call the Airport Control Center at: +31 (0)20 601 47 51.

Pastor Meiring’s e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In order to continue this work, financial gifts are highly appreciated. Should you wish to support our Foundation financially, you can make a contribution to:
Stichting Protestants Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol
IBAN Accountnumber: NL04 RABO 0150672799